How much traffic did you get from your recent launches on Product Hunt?

flo merian
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Less than 1,000 unique visitors (UV)? 5K, 10K UV? More?


Haya Tangyan
great question! waiting for the feedbacks.
Daniel Feles
The traffic was excellent, but what's even nicer is that we've got around 1000 users who downloaded our app and registered/tried it.
flo merian
@dfeles wow! for context, MindOne is a mobile app, available for free on iOS and Android, right? one more thing: what worked best? iOS or Android?
Terry Hu
@dfeles omg this is amazing - would love any lessons/tips you're willing to share on how to have such a successful launch! regardless, hope those users gave some concrete useful feedback :)
Prema Toppo
We have received 2,800 new users, and the number of new visitors is still going up. Please take a look at our product on this link:
Prema Toppo
@rashad_sanders We are working on a blog, I'll share a link soon. There you can check more helpful tips.
Mahsima Dastan
I hope more than 5K :D
Prema Toppo
@mahsimadastan Can you tell me the product name?
Prema Toppo
@mahsimadastan I've checked the website. Do you list the tools which are launched on PH? I mean what is the listing process?
Jaspar Carmichael-Jack
How you launch your product on Product Hunt can also have a big impact on the amount of traffic you get. Make sure you have a great product description, engaging screenshots, and a compelling hunt submission. You should also promote your launch on social media and other channels.
German Arrowoods
I think having more users/signups is more valuable than having more UVs.
Vu Nguyen
In addition to direct new visitors, my personal experience showed that the backlink from PH is really powerful. It helped boost my app from nowhere to top 3 in the app store in really short time. Of course, we do a lot of ASO and other activities as well, but the boost from PH is definitively significant
Johannes Kraus
Really looking forward to the results! We are planning to launch early next year. For us in a closed beta it's difficult to get a lot of users easily, so I am really curious!
Thomas Hansen
Almost nothing. PH is braindead. You need to spend hundreds of man hours on it, preferably pay some hunter 4K to help you, at which point you've spent the equivalent of 10K having an ROI equaling what you'd get for a basic Google Ad or Facebook ad you're paying 500 for. Using PH as a source for traffic is useless and braindead ...