How many beta programs are you in?

flo merian
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Hey there! ☀️ Curious how many beta programs are you currently in? I’ll go first. I’m currently in 3 beta programs: - Beam - Cron - Polywork How about you? P.S: If you're a Product Designer, we're beta-testing a design system documentation in Notion that syncs with Figma automatically. Join the fun 🙌


Marian Lucas
Way to many ✨ I keep track of all of them in mymind. - Cron - Beam - Amie - Arc (Since Alpha) - Balsa - iA Presenter - Muse - Relayed - Acapela - Superlist - Journal - IterationX And many more
flo merian
@produkhelt WOW, that's a lot indeed! 😄 Do you actively use all of them? What's your favorite way to share feedback? Note: If you have an invite for Superlist, I'm totally IN!
Naomi Chao
Too many to keep track of, and honestly, I kind of wish I had a place to track them bc otherwise I forget or lose interest. Fun story - I actually discovered the company I'm interning at now by signing up for their private beta, ignoring the invite bc I lost interest, then eventually making an account after getting a very sweet follow up email from one of the founders. Fell in love with the product and the rest was history. 10/10 experience lol. And now we're about to launch the public beta on Product Hunt! Full circle moment 🥰
flo merian
@naomichao Hi Naomi! What a story, thanks for sharing! Also, 3K subscribers on your Upcoming page? That's impressive! What are your best practices to grow your list?