How many tabs are too many tabs? πŸ€” Suggest a tab management tool πŸ™

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I guess I need to manage my browser tabs efficiently. Share how you manage them and suggest products to do it :) Just look at this πŸ‘‡ I know, it's a mess 😒


Iliya Valchanov
You can use Ctrl+w (on Mac: ⌘ + w) This is the best tab management system you can find. If something goes wrong, just hit Ctrl+H.
@iliya_valchanov this is sweet :) just pinning the history tab πŸ˜‰
Nik Hazell
@iliya_valchanov Dammit, closed my tab πŸ˜†
Iscu Andrei
@iliya_valchanov You can use CTRL+SHIFT+T to reopen a tab you just closed by accident. Useful if you have a tab that was opened 5 days ago and you don't feel like digging in the history :D In Google chrome it even works if you just closed the browser (it will reopen the last tabs)
Bharadwaj Giridhar
Use different chrome windows in different workspaces (windows 10). Human 🧠 sucks at multitasking, if you're at one website have one tab of that website (most of your tabs are PH tabs) Control + Shift + T to recover lost tabs. Constantly talk yourself through what you're currently doing, I think most of the tabs would be sitting idle. You always have history so it's okay to close them, don't be afraid of loosing them forever
@goforbg gave Yes, bundled all the PH tabs in one group. Targeting to limit myself to not more than 5 tabs (other than PH ofcourse) πŸ™ˆ
Dinal K.
I use toby to organize my tabs or the context I want to have when working. I work on different projects and different tasks of different projects as an early-stage startup founder. If you have a lot of things going on and want to start the day with some uncluttered context it's a cool tool @adityavsc
@dinalk thank you!!! gotta give it a try πŸ˜‰
Pratham Vasudev
In chrome or brave there's an inbuilt feature ↳ Right click on the tab ↳Then click on "add tab to new group" ↳ Name the group, choose color and add other tabs of choice Check it out, might be helpful
@pratham_vasudev Yep! I've been using the groups feature for sometime. Life saver for sure. One thing I do not like about it, is that whenever a new tab is added to it, the complete list of tabs opens up. I wish it had some toggle feature.
Pratham Vasudev
@adityavsc same, even I don’t like that thing
Gayatri Sachdeva
I also use the Group Tabs feature in Chrome - helps me get through the tabs/tasks in chunks that i can close off or minimize as i need. Have not explored any tools or extensions yet
Klevis Cipi
@gayatri_sachdeva @avelino0 @adityavsc is awesome i'am using it now it look very cool and i can switch in different areas/workspaces and tabs are managed very well.
Shuvam Manna
Sounds like a plug, but try using The big perk being it functions almost like the Tab groups of the new Monterey Safari
@avelino0 This is soo nice 🀩 @qamorgan and @alma_madsen do you plan to integrate Workona with Slack sometime soon?
Quinn Morgan
@adityavsc Thanks! We are already fairly integrated with Slack. You can share links and workspaces to Slack today, but we plan to go even deeper in the future.
Helena Merk
used vimium for the longest time, but now chrome supports command + shift + A -- lifesaver
@helenamerk How come I didn't even know about this shortcut? 😭😭 love it 🌟
Michael Silber
OneTab is my jam. I can temporarily save groups of tabs that relate to some project I'm working on, then come back to them all later. If the group sits there too long, then I know I can probably forget the project
@product_at_producthunt I'm also a proud OneTaber now πŸ˜‰
krys (krys/they/them)
@product_at_producthunt Fellow one tab enthusiast here! πŸ‘‹πŸΎ I tried Toby for a bit too but prefer the simplicity of the mental model of one tab better.
Deepak Yadav
Yeah, your sure need something to manage these tabs. Hahaha My preferences: On brave: I use different profiles to manage tabs accordingly On safari: New update has wonderful tab management feature
Deepak Yadav
@adityavsc Yeah, but still it gets overloaded sometimes coz work doesn't seems to limit itself. Hahaha
Nik Hazell
Chrome's tab groups are brilliant! Although, it does encourage me to leave FAR too many tabs open...
@nik_hazell Hahahhaha Now I feel I have too many group tabs... 7 of them... and if I open any one of them... it feels like an army of tabs attacking me πŸ˜…
Nik Hazell
@adityavsc Yeah it doesn't fix the problem, just delays it slightly πŸ˜‚
Audrey Rampon
Hi @adityavsc! May I suggest our app KosmoTime? It has a cool Close Tabs feature, so you can see all your tabs listed out on one single page, and restore them whenever you need
@audrey_rampon will definitely give it a try. I feel like I have used the most number of tab related products on this planet now. If any Tab company is looking for user feedback, here I'm πŸ™ˆ
David Rodgers
I have +2 extra screen for my MacBook
@david_rodgers1 hahahahaha ~only legends can pull this off~ I have two screens too, one for personal and other for work related stuff :)
David Rodgers
@adityavsc small MacBook one for slack, two others for work)
Sofia Polonska
I adore the feeling of closing all of them!!!
Anton Ross
I collect the tabs into folders and close them
Akila Welihinda
@adityavsc I use Flow as my tab manager. you can easily switch between different sets of tabs with a few keystrokes or clicks: