Hold my calendar! Which is your favorite scheduling/calendar app?

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We've seen two amazing product launches on the same day: Mayday and Calendly 2.0. Which is your favorite scheduling app and why? If you have some feature recommendations, please do share. The respective teams would love to get some feedback.


Jeremy Bell
THIS IS AMAZING. I'm soooo happy that we're the MCU. I mean, did anyone really watch the Snyder Cut?
Adam Day
Lots of respect for Calendly and how they carved the path for all the scheduling tools out there today - but between Mayday and Calendly specifically, I’m with Mayday! They two have fundamentally different philosophies. With Calendly, “your day is an empty canvas”. With Mayday, “empty space ≠ free space”. Mayday considers your True Availability, taking into account all of the undocumented nuances for how you structure your time. IMO this gets at the core of alot of the problems with current calendar tools. But hey, I’m a little biased.
@adayyy Yup! I agree with this. Calendly did manage to carve out a niche in the competitive industry but now there is a need to infuse some intelligence into the way we structure and plan our routines. I'm particularly interested in the pattern recognition features, and learn about my own behavior and understand what really works and what doesn't. All this in a calendar??? Take my money right now! 💸
@willy_mitch Ohh yes!! How did I even forget it? The open source alternative, and a dream come true for those who love customization. Simple, sweet, and good at what it claims to be :)
I have tried Calendly before and still use it to schedule my product demos. Haven't tried Mayday, but i will now :)
Emma Phượng Nguyễn
I have not used May Day yet -- but Calendarly is awesome. It points to the pain I have with a very smooth UX.
@emmanguyen Agreed. It does have a very simple and straight-forward UX. It was meant to do one thing, i.e. schedule appointments, and it does it well. There is no doubt about it.
Ayushi Mundra
I had used some of the common apps for scheduling stuff. But lately, google calendar has been doing the job just fine. I am just satisfied with the overall other google products I can sync up everything with. Google calendar along with google keep and Trello generally gets the job done ✅
@ayushi_mundra Yep! I agree. Google calendar is good too. Even Calendly links are inadvertently saved to Google calendar lol
Brent Palmer
Switched to SavvyCal in 2021 and never looked back.
@brent_palmer Gotta admire Derrick! A great competitor. I especially love the comparison part of the website: https://savvycal.com/calendly-al...
morgo port
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