How long have you been polishing your pricing model?

Roman Eaton
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Hey there! I am working on a new pricing model and it is the third iteration now There are lots of experienced entrepreneurs, marketers, or PMs who managed to build the ideal pricing model for their product Could you share your cases? How long (how many iterations) it needed to make the pricing model that you have right now? What were the main difficulties? Thanks!


Nelli  Orlova
Good question. It is not a static exercise, so don't overmake it. Even large companies change their pricing models from time to time. I recommend to consider it as an experiment: choose the one, test, collect feedback, amend - test - repeat. Then you'll find a golden middle that will work for your customers at this point of time.
Wias Issa
Hey @roman_eaton. @nelly_orlova is spot on. Pricing, packaging, and customer acquisition strategies are an iterative process - you're never done. When we first launched, we set a hard limit of 3 initial iterations within a 3 week period, which forced us to make a decision and get it into the market. Since then, we revisit every quarter and make adjustments based off of customer feedback and the feedback we receive from a pricing survey we have on our website's pricing page.
Aryon Sunrise Hopkins
Its been 6 months but it feels longer with behind the scenes iterations. We are here now: and will be publishing our updated pricing this week! We have had three main iterations and are already working on the iteration to follow the one published this week. Our recent model follows Airtable as a reference in an attempt to have a combination of plan overview and comparative tables.