Do you launch here a validated product or an MVP version?

Roman Eaton
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Hey, Product Hunters! We had a bunch of launches here from the main global launch of the entire product to feature launches. Still evaluating when it is the best time for the business to make a launch on Product Hunt.
I use Product Hunt to validate the MVP
I use Product Hunt to publicly announce the update
It depends (please share your thoughts below)


Ondrej Dobias
Usetiful co-founder
Just a thought - MVP as "viable product" should already be validated by, for example, RAT...
Gleb Braverman
Founder, Speakezee
Given there's so much competition almost everywhere nowadays, I believe it's best to launch with a market ready solution (aka release version) that can be used by a huge audience. MVP (for me at least) is something prior to this stage - it's best to launch on a small community (<1000 people)
Nurlan Nurmanov
Indie hacker, solo entrepreneur
@gleb_braverman There is a downside of this approach. How do you know if market accepts the product? Shouldn't you pre-launch and test the idea? I understand for Enterprise customers you have to have some features, e.g. security, integrations etc. But in most cases, you can start with a landing page.
Andres Campo
Founder @Buildup Camp
I think this place is great to launch a prototype or an MVP, then you can iterate and launch the V1 of your product.
Sameer Mangalampalli
Great question, I am also looking for answers to the exact question...My thoughts are: There are a lot of startups as well as ideators here on PH. You should be able to get a definite validation of your MVP but may be a lot more if you are able to generate enough audience.