How do you spark your creativity?

Luka Vasic
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I create content on LinkedIn and I'm curious about how you spark your creativity? Be it for blogs, videos, or products. What techniques or processes do you use to create new ideas. Yea I know creativity is hard to force out, but it can be helped.


Vedran Rasic
1. Capture ideas in your private slack channel. 2. Sit down on Friday or weekend for 1h and write 5 posts. 3. Schedule them. DONE ;)
Luka Vasic
@vedranrasic Good points. I have a somewhat same routine for content creation. Still doing manual posting. Maybe I will switch to automated soon.
I usually listen to Podcasts - always inspires me
Iya Mendoza
Mental / writer's block usually happens whenever you're tired and burnout. So what best way to solve 'em is to relax and take some rest. You can go for a walk, listen to your fav relaxing music, go to a coffee shop, and basically, do something that will help you get the right mental space you need to 'spark creativity.'
Learning new things adopting new habits and of course, attending events, podcasts, listening to the developer community etc.
Oscar Wehbe
Going for a walk and getting in the sun helps me think more creatively. The act of moving away from the task at hand feels like my mind is trying to find another route to where it wants to go.