How do you prioritize your tasks?

Martina Hackbartt
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Managing our workload can be tough. Especially when it comes to ditching certain tasks on our to-do list in order to be able to finish the most important ones. How do you decide which tasks you'll do first? How do you know if some tasks are to be left out?? (P.S: I created a Linkedin Group to share some tips, articles and discussions on productivity and time management, here's the link: )


Generally whatever is really exciting me - focus on being productive for the time
Ninad Sail
To-Do List works great for me 😎
Mahak from Outgrow
Managing workload through a to-do list is best. You can set which task to do first and then last. Every morning giving yourself a schedule and running through clock is best to feel that you are productive today.
Martina Hackbartt
@mahak Hi Mahak, I 100% agree to-do-lists are the best! Also, how satisfying it is to finish all tasks you had for the day :)
Anu Varila
I put on the calendar everything that needs (!) to be taken care of on the same day.
Stefani Kovachevska
Not sure whether you are referring to personal or business workloads, but the answer is similar: with a to-do list (in a PM tool ideally), by priority, considering 2 factors: importance and urgency. Also, as lists tend to get cluttered and I aim for a high-focus environment, so consider time estimates. Book time slots per task in your calendar and you'll have a much clearer understanding of how much work you can take and when you'd complete it.
Martina Hackbartt
@stefani_kovachevska Hi Stefani! Thank you very much for sharing. I use a very similar approach, but I'll try booking the time slots in my calendar as well!
Fabian Maume
I'm using Ora. I have different boards for key activities: "CRM", "Product dev", "billable activity", "content plan" & "training". I'm using the Ora calendar to see all my activities at once.
Mayank Bishwas
I usually create a weekly task list instead of a daily one so have the flexibility of picking tasks with varying priorities. It also helps with taking up new or urgent tasks on.
Robert Rizk
It's all about how soon can you see results once the task is done. Starting by the soonest...and taking it day by day. But you should definitely set a goal for the week...It's all about execution :)
Gurpinder Singh
Creating a to-do list in the morning based on the priority works for me.
That's a good question! Writing down with a pen and paper your to-do helps. As soon as it's on there it get done. As for priority everything is important, the question would be what is the one best move today in whichever situation you are dealing with and once this is done you focus on the next, etc, this way you don't get overwhelmed.
Mirton Bay
I write a schedule. If these are long-term tasks, so I do easiest first, to get rid and forget about them ant to concentrate on the most important and hard tasks.
Ujjawal Sharma
Prioritize based on importance and urgency.
Rajiv Verma
Unless it's a really critical production issue, it depends on what looks interesting to me at that moment !
100% to-do list with a property called "Impact". Everyday I take 1 high impact and make it my must do of the day. That way even if I have a heavy meeting day I still feel good by day's end
Srishty Chaudhary
There is one saying, "eat that frog first" which means that complete the task that is most dreading for you and prioritize the other tasks accordingly. You can do this on a daily basis. Make a to-do list before going to sleep and complete the most difficult ones first with start of the day. Keep yourself motivated with the thought that you don't want to burden yourself at the end of the week. I hope this will work for you!
Urszula Ostrowska
I use the eisenhower matrix. It's really helpfull!
Elena Cirera
I prioritize my tasks based on importance and urgency.