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Welcome to your team’s command center. A place to track projects. Tasks. Time. Commits. Status Reports. Your entire product or business! It's the fastest growing productivity suite your team needs right now!

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This looks like a great productivity & project management tool! Even after testing most software out there I still haven't really found the perfect fit for our team. Something I always struggle with is that clients use their own tools and don't want to learn anything new. I'd love to hear how Ora tackles that problem: are there any integrations with existing tools like slack, skype chat, google calendar etc. It would be so cool if there was a tool where let's say internally we work with Ora but the client could use his own ecosystem and still get all the notifications & could access things from his preferred tools. This incompatibility is the main reason we keep going back to google drive, sheets and docs & skype chat. People just don't want to go through the whole learning curve.
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@e_reder You read my mind! I would love for a way to connect my team's internal project management/productivity suite with that of a client's. It's hard to get external people to use the same tools as my team, and vice versa. It's a constant barrier. A tool that allows different teams to work together and while using the tools they already use and like would be a godsend.
soooo, I've been testing Ora over the last few days and am starting to find my way around. 1 piece of feedback: I find it hard to add to-do's. It's not very intuitive & the feature is hidden. Every time I hit "my tasks" I get to the inbox (only for assigned tasks). If I hit the Plus button it only let's me add projects. I find myself clicking around to finally find the add task button in my projects.
Love the interface on this!
My Awwwsome team has switched to Ora from Asana three weeks ago. I can't find a single dissapointed person :) For us it's a perfect balance between JIRA and Asana, which we already tested. UI is great and intuitive. There are a few rough edged though, but I believe that the Ora team will polish them really soon. Amazing job guys!
@bartekhejnowicz Has the same feelings!
Looks incredibly well-designed @yanev_n, @uffou, and @dimitarnestorov! Agree with the calendar... BUT this is an awesome tool!
Played with it this afternoon & really love what I see. At face value, interface is friendly (a little bit of - IMO - unnecessary complexity on the Task objects, but overall very nice). But as you dig, you uncover structural genius that solves common problems most task managers don't address. Each 'task' card exists within the project, but also within your own personal space, where you can see & update cards across all projects. My favorite feature thus far is easily the 'Plan My Week' space, where you can visually organize your tasks across the week (which, of course, updates the due dates in the projects that each task belongs to). Great vision & looks like a really beautiful product so far. It's a tad bit slow in Opera, which might annoy some people. Can't wait to see chat & the mobile apps! EDIT: grammar plz!