Your team command center! All in one - tasks, time, reports


Matthew Brennan
@mbrennanni · Freelancer from Northern Ireland
Love the interface on this!
Eva Reder, Co-Founder NomadApp
@e_reder · Growh Hacker, Traveler, Founder
This looks like a great productivity & project management tool! Even after testing most software out there I still haven't really found the perfect fit for our team. Something I always struggle with is that clients use their own tools and don't want to learn anything new. I'd love to hear how Ora tackles that problem: are there any integrations with exis… See more
Bartek Hejnowicz
@bartekhejnowicz · Awwwsome
My Awwwsome team has switched to Ora from Asana three weeks ago. I can't find a single dissapointed person :) For us it's a perfect balance between JIRA and Asana, which we already tested. UI is great and intuitive. There are a few rough edged though, but I believe that the Ora team will polish them really soon. Amazing job guys!
Austin Sandmeyer
@as_austin · Thinker/Student/Rockstar
Looks incredibly well-designed @yanev_n, @uffou, and @dimitarnestorov! Agree with the calendar... BUT this is an awesome tool! https://media.giphy.com/media/l0...
@vladimirkusnezo · Founder, PRODUCTIVITYMIND
Testing it since yesterday! I Love the Userinterface, but the Projects must have a calender mode. Otherwise it will be not long our object of love.. ;)