How do you measure customer success?

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Hamed Baatour
getting paying customers with low churn is a success anything else doesn't count! Customers can say anything but when it comes to paying money the conversation suddenly changes and that's when the real success measurement begins
Paul Mit
I agree with @hamedbaatour - conversion to paying customers is one of the main growth metrics. But there are also other important ones: user adoption, retention, and frequency of feature usage. All this indicates that the product is useful and there is a prospect for further development.
Hamed Baatour
@mituhin you are not wrong Paul, social platforms like Twitter use engagement and active users as their main metric... but that's the exception I think, for most SaaS companies revenue should be your main focus unless you have raised millions of dollars and you have the luxury to play the market share domination game. so it depends but still tracking revenue should be the main metric for most small startups and indie makers at least.
Paul Mit
@hamedbaatour I agree, but only partially. It takes years of development, many iterations to make a good Saas product, so at the start it is very hard to make a perfect version that will sell itself for decades → so revenue is not the right metric at the start. That is why I always recommend not to chase it (the product is not ready for scaling yet), but to listen to users' actions, on which you can build a really cool Saas product.
Alina Ihnatiuk
Customer lifetime value Repeat purchase rate Customer retention rate Customer retention cost Churn rate. Net Promoter Score Customer Satisfaction Score Customer Effort Score.
Avi Gupta
I feel it depends on the product. Most commonly - Conversions Churn Rate Retention NPS What do you think? :))
Dwayne Charrington
We use the following metrics to measure customer success at our end, and so far, they have been very helpful in optimizing the process. These are: Net promoter score (NPS) Customer satisfaction score (CSAT) Customer effort score (CES) Customer retention rate (CRR) Customer lifetime value (CLV) If we talk about data collection, we have installed different tools to monitor these metrics like We use @qualaroo to collect NPS, CSAT, and CES scores. We also use Klipfolio to monitor SaaS KPIs for measuring customer lifetime value. We also monitor our churn rate to identify retention rates using Kissmetrics. I hope this answers your question.