How do you manage tax filings for customers from multiple countries?

Sreekanth PM
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Yesterday I was seriously researching about the tax filings and related things after I saw a couple of posts about stripe new module, Stripe tax. Then I saw Ian Wooten article about the comparison of vat solutions for bootstrapped businesses After going through all this, what I understood is, For a SaaS business, no matter which country your company is incorporated, you need to file tax in countries from which your customer buys your SaaS. The threshold of tax filings may be different for different countries. But many countries have a Zero threshold. I'm curious about indie hackers and bootstrapped startups about how you manage your filings? Not everybody is using paddle. Many people use stripe which never handles any filing part. Do you file taxes for each country where your customers belong? Or you don't care? or you use paddle?


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@robiul_haque Yeah, thought to understand how others manage this.