How do you know who follows and unfollows you on Twitter?

Jimmy Finch
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I want to see the users who unfollow me after following for few days, give any app/tool suggestions for this.


Jaskiran Kaur
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There is a notification that who followed you but there is no way to who unfollowed you if you have a huge list of followers.
Kate Finch
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Tracking followers is easy on Twitter, but tracking unfollowers isn’t. Because Twitter doesn’t provide any data for tracking unfollowers. That’s why I use the tool FollowersAudit. FollowerAudit is a Twitter followers and unfollowers tracking tool, which can provide you these stats for your as well as any other public Twitter account. You will get a list of all the followers and unfollowers.
Niraj Bariya
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Twitter doesn't provide this data thus we need to use thirdparty tools like