How can I download or view old Tweets of any user?

Jimmy Finch
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Kate Finch
Twitter itself allows you to find old Tweets through Twitter advanced search. You can easily search out certain old Tweets by applying specific filters and something related to your brand or businesses. There are three sections to customize your search results in Twitter Advanced search: 1. Use the "word" section to input keywords or hashtags that you want to view old Tweets. 2. Use the "account" section to input the Twitter handles from that you want to get old Tweets. You can further customize your search results with various keywords and hashtags or time to get relevant results. Below you will see a “dates” option where you can customize Tweets for a certain date range. Twitter advanced search techniques can be helpful but not that enough to find out exact results that we are looking for. But you can easily find your old Tweets by using Trackmyhashtag that will make your work even easier without even wasting your time scrolling throughout the Tweets for many hours. Trackmyhashtag can fetch old Tweets for any hashtag, keyword or account for any time period since 2006. Go to this page - On this page, fill the form with specifics for that you want to get old Tweets. Within an hour, you will get your Tweets data and other details including cost with it.
Casey Stone
If it's a video or audio, Twitter Online Video Downloader might help.