How do you improve your chatbot?

Nikolett Török
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As someone highly involved in the chatbot sector, and working with a great team every day to provide QA to all conversational AI out there, I would be interested in what tools, or approaches are popular in improving chatbots.


Surjith S M
A chatbot intelligently transfer the chat to a real human if they can't answer. Manytimes, I have no idea how to reach to a human using these chatbots.
Nikita Dutta
The one thing that can be improved in chatbots is that the responses are completely automated and pre-determined by the machine. This can be changed if we use a managed live chat system where agents are available all the time to instantly reply to the customers with ideal solutions. Chat Metrics ( is one of the best service providers in the market which I completely rely upon for live chat services!
Jason Grills
Here are a couple of functionalities that could vastly improve the chatbot: 1. Being able to redirect a user to a live operator. 2. Helping users find relevant articles on a website through a simple search right in the chatbot. 3. Offering product recommendations to anyone engaged in online shopping. 4. Allow customers to submit tickets right from the chatbot. Fortunately, I have been using a chatbot that offers all this and much more. The ProProfs chatbot,( of course! It is easy to set up and customize and helps us cater to our customers 24x7. It also provides numerous branding options and templates to personalize your communication with any customer.