How do you get work done when you're not feeling particularly motivated?

Rucha Joshi
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What are you hacks, tips and tricks to get stuff done when you absolutely have to?


Anil Meena
By picking up the task which has the least effort or no effort (basically easy task). Completing these small task atleast gives the taste of small wins which can boost motivation to move on to bigger task or motivates enough to get back to work.
Alina Ihnatiuk
Hey! I try to look for motivation every day. Every day of work is one step closer to your goals and desires. If feel unwell, I'd rather take a day off and fill my energy resource with what I love))
Rucha Joshi
@antonovna absolutely. Even I try to take the time off when I don't feel mentally upto doing something. And sometime later or the next day I am more refreshed and Cana actually finish the pending work much quicker. Thanks for sharing.
Андрей Олейник
Depends on the importance of the work. If the work is urgent I prefer to do small tasks to get myself into work and then move to something more complex.
Rucha Joshi
@balrog_the_great Makes sense. Breaking larger complex tasks into small ones can also help with a sense of accomplishment and push you to the finish line sooner!
ᗰᗩ᙭ ᒍ.
Do some work that you find fun,, hopefully, most of it is fun for you. 😂
Amarnath Nagula
I turn on my Pomodoro clock and just start. It is really hard but I'm getting comfortable with it. :)
Molly O'Neill
Here are my top three: 1. Take a brisk walk to get some energy 2. Find a task that can be accomplished easily to get your mind going 3. Reach out to someone who gives you energy or is inspiring.
Create work flows/processes which can be automated so that a lot of work can get done in the background by others even if you are not feeling that motivated. Whatsresponse - a rules based autoresponder for Whatsapp is on tool which can help automate business/personal communication to a certain extent.
Mahak from Outgrow
Working on small tasks and rewarding myself for completing them. Taking a half hour long break to recharge myself and communicating or reading others about their tasks and motivation as it sometimes help me to find for myself too. And listening to songs is a must.
Alolika Bhattacharjee
I usually follow the 5/10 rule where i work for 50mins and then take a 10min break. This really keeps me motivated!
Shreya R Nambiar
I try to do things that take the least effort and can be completed easily. This brings on a positive mindset and helps me to sail through other tasks. Also, I try to chat up with my colleague to see what they are up to.