How do you find SEO backlink opportunities? πŸ€”

Luka Vasic
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I just started working on SEO a week ago and I'm currently working on backlinks. I'm currently searching through google and LinkedIn for articles and websites where I could ask for a backlink. But I would appreciate your help. So how do you find spots for backlinks?


Daniel Engels
tools like SemRush could provide a list of external web pages relevant for your content. Then, you could contact the editors of this websites and propose them gust posting or link exchanges.
I largely find link opportunities through Slack. It's quick and efficient - if you reach the right people, and not the fakers. Many amazing groups on Slack!
@jimmy_spikes There's separate channels created in most marketing/SEO Slack communities! If you'd like, I can add you to some of them :)
Gurjeet Matharu
@pooja_0712 everyone is always talking about these slack groups but I have no idea how to get in one :(
Lindsay Davis
@jimmy_spikes @pooja_0712 can you please add me to some of them too? :) My Slack email:
@jimmy_spikes @pooja_0712 @new_user_09720221b8124cb01 Hey did you get added to any slack groups? If not why cant we create a new slack group and share or discuss ideas there?
Andrew C.
"broken link" is a good tool to get started with. find the broken link on your competitor's pages and try and swap them before someone else finds out about them.
I use the Link Prospecting tool in Marketing Miner, where I just upload a list of keywords I want to target, and then it creates a prospect list for me with top search results for all my keywords. Pretty useful tool for all beginners!
Guhan Sundar
I recently started work on SEO for my company. Getting high-quality links is harder than it looks. One approach we are experimenting with is guest posting on relevant publications and industry journals.
Bouchard Entertainment
Guest blogs! Getting good backlinks are easy... getting good backlinks that Google cares about are hard. Check out HARO (Help out a reporter) and ask for guest blogs on your website and work in that quid pro quo.
Maya Ben Zid
Slack chats and Facebook groups are a good place to start. You can reach out to people on LinkedIn as well. Most importantly, make sure you publish the content that's easy to link to - reports and posts featuring unique statistics usually do really well.
Lindsay Davis
@maya_ovice great tips! Can you please share some Slack chats and Facebook groups where I can find link building opportunities?
We search the top 50 search results on google + we have some proven sites for obtaining links.
Dylan Merideth
Would definitely say HARO (help a reporter out) a quick google search will provide the answers you need
Sofia Rose
I always prefers SEO Backlinks from Competitors. It is because of two reasons, 1)They already ranked after making those backlinks, so it is easy for us to make a same backlink and rank 2)They struggled hard to find those websites and make backlinks on those websites, so now it is great opportunity for us to take advantage of our competitor work. Now the Question is How to find competitor Back Backlinks, the most easy way is to use Tools like ahrefs and add your competitor website in that tool and check there backlinks and make connection with those websites to make your backlink on that website.
Alexandra Cote
beyond where to find them, make sure you polish your outreach process, most of the time you won't get a reply if you're not reaching out to the right person or are sending just a plain email