How do you feel about your personal data?

Pierre Kraus
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In the early days of the Internet, we could freely browse and use it without feeling like we were leaving a part of our online identity behind us. The current internet model needs to be flipped to give users ownership and control over their data. Users should be the ones deciding whether or not they want to share their data. With the current model, tech companies have complete power over our data. They can decide what they want to collect, store and delete. There should be a balance between giving everything about ourselves to access online services and going completely incognito. But more privacy, security, and transparency are necessary to use a safer and healthier online environment. Are you concerned about your personal data when using the Internet? Let me know your thoughts!


Pablo Fatas
I have no issue with lack of privacy or the fact that everything that I do online stays there forever. What does bother me though is that my data and behavior online is used against me to try and keep me addicted to my devices and to buy things I don’t really want or need.
Pierre Kraus
@pablo_fatas Thanks for your answer! The consequence of the lack of privacy is companies ability to make you become more dependent to their services. When it comes to the temporality of our data, I believe it might be of a concerned when used of of its context (what you've done in the past doesn't have the same meaning in the present). I think being advertised is not the issue but users should have more control and say on how they are advertised.
Pierre Kraus
@pablo_fatas @mertbaser I recently read it and it is worrying to know how our data is sold and can be used against us. Using online services shouldn't come at the cost of giving up almost every personal information about us.
Mert Baser
This concern was one of the biggest inspirations for my journey to start with TransferChain ( Over the course of the last two decades, a handful of companies have come to dominate the internet with an eye towards collecting and selling user data. TransferChain offers an alternative vision. We prioritise user autonomy. Our users retain sole ownership and control over their data at all times.
Pierre Kraus
@mertbaser It's very exciting to see privacy-first initiative. Privacy & security are essential to allow users to interact in a safer & healthier online environment. Congrats on TransferChain, it looks very promising! I signed up for the waiting list.
Gary Hammond
When it comes to personal data, I realize that it is easier to stop using a smartphone or laptop than trying to ask other services not to use your data. it is impossible. They will easily get your data. Also, do not forget spy apps that you can easily install on your phone and another phone adn receive all data you want. I speak about such tools like presented here
Pierre Kraus
@gary_hammond 100% agree. This is why we need more privacy-first companies that will prioritize customers rather than profit. Thanks for sharing the tools you're using!
Amanda Trincher
I read quite a few tips on the internet like to understand how best to secure your personal data and surf the internet safely. There are many ways, like proxy services or VPNs, that can increase your security. But the most important thing is just not to visit strange sites and not enter your information on such pages.