What are your favorite resources to improve your coding skills?

Pierre Kraus
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I mainly use Udemy and Youtube. I was wondering if you guys knew fun apps/resources that help you improve your coding skills. Thanks!


Alexander Moen
Stackoverflow and YouTube are my most primary go-to for needing to learn and figure something out on the spot. For general knowledge, I've used and enjoyed Udemy and Coursera.
Jeff Lombard
I like to find a teacher that works for me and then just learn everything they offer. There is so much noise out there that once I find a good instructor I try to learn everything from them. I do this on Udemy mainly. EggHead.io is amazing but pricey. Worth it imo.
Pierre Kraus
@jefflombard Thanks Jeff! I agree, there is so much resources out there that it's hard to choose the right one that will teach you the fundamentals.
Johannes Grenzemann
If you are looking for innovative concepts have a look at JsRobot (https://lab.reaal.me/jsrobot/) a gamifed approach to learn JavaScript, which is really super cool :)
Deniz Aslan
Stackoverflow ve YouTube and Coursera. And docs...