Do you think schools should start teaching about data rights and privacy?

Pierre Kraus
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The amount of data generated continues to grow everyday. Protecting users' online identify and data becomes more and more complex. I believe it's important for the younger generation and people in general to better understand the value of their data.


I agree, the sheer number of possibilities of putting oneself at risk of having their personal information stolen with all the ways we are exposing it online makes me worried for the younger generation. Unlike with some traditional spheres, where you must be of certain age to consent to smth, the online world makes it that much easier to fall prey to some unhealthy and downright criminal practices. I would really appreciate it if schools could create curriculum to teach our kids about it for sure.
Pierre Kraus
@justana 100% agree with you! I am a young adult and I do wonder how to educate the younger generation in a manner that they can use the Internet and benefit from all the great opportunity it has to offer while protecting their online identity and mental health.
Pierre Kraus
@complyant Agree. Additionally because of the way "privacy" policies are designed it makes users giving pretty much every right over their data. The absence of choice for users is concerning. Teaching the younger generation how to navigate the Internet and show them how much they get exposed online seems important to me!
Margaret L. Maher
Hello, I agree with your opinion. It is better to keep personal information confidential. Educating the younger generation about the importance of data privacy and security is particularly important, as they are growing up in a world where technology plays a central role in their lives. In particular, it is worth giving preference to services that take care of their users and do not disclose data. By teaching them about concepts like online privacy, consent, and cybersecurity from an early age, we can empower them to navigate the digital landscape safely and responsibly.