How do you feel?

Benoit Chambon
49 replies
(Be spontaneous😉 !)


Andriy Zapisotskyi
Excelent:) Thank God it's Monday! How about you?
Benoit Chambon
Pretty good! Still enjoying last week's victories, and focusing on the next tasks ;-)
Matthew Johnson
Had a rough couple weeks but feeling really good this week 🔥
John Smith
Cold, we have -5 for a week now.
Alexa Vovchenko
Feel like b2b sales cycle is endless
Pritam Chougale
The worst feeling is you manager does not have a marketing mindset. He still thinks content marketing is just product description :D
Jonathan Amsili
Feel like I'm on an emotional rollercoaster following Google Analytics for my just-launched product. Need to somehow limit my access to once or twice a day!
Promise Emeka
@jamsili We are on thesame boat... hehe I check once a day before I go crazy.
Cica-Laure Mbappé
Feeling drained but relieved. I just did my daily workout and my legs hurt 😅 How about you?
Amine Dahimene
I had enough of the Covid-19 lockdowns
Stefan Manku
Feeling good - a few things are heading in the right direction which is a positive feeling... though naturally this has taken time to get to!
emi kobayashi
Pretty good! And you?
Benoit Chambon
@pinaco started the week pretty well, until I felt sick lol🤮
Hwei Oh
Craving a cupcake around now...
Excited and nervous at the same time..! :)
Mr. Simi
Not good at all. We use our twitter account to push traffic to the website and it a week ago the account was suspended. Created another one while we query for the first one, and that still got suspended and caused my co-founder's energy to drain to zero real quick. We took a break for a week and we are back at it today