Don't you feel that LinkedIn is becoming kind of a new Facebook?

Benoit Chambon
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I'm seeing more and more content on LinkedIn that looks more like personal expressions of opinion or pure entertainment content and has no connection to work or work relationships. Do you agree with this statement? If so, what do you think of this? :)


Agree completely it didn't occur to me until one of my connections pointed this out. Now I see these kind of personal posts every where. In terms of what I think about it...I'm not really a fan, I left facebook 5+ years ago for a reason, so would prefer Linkedin to be a business platform
Vinnie Tran
@janinah can you share some tips to leave fb? I tried many times, but then still was back. 😌
@vinnie_tran Hi Vinnie πŸ‘‹πŸΎ Unfortunately, I don't really have any as I stopped using it cold turkey. I remember sitting on my bed one evening and being annoyed with the whole idea of it (An addictive comparison game) so just decided to deactivate my account and as I never missed FB I've never gone back. My advice though would be to find a motivating factor to help you to quit I've listed a few below: 1. Find a friend to be an accountability buddy so they are also trying to start/stop a habit (or would like to) 2. Follow the 2 Day rule. So you can't check Facebook 2x days in a row. 3. Treat yourself if you follow through with step 2. Eg watch a favourite film, cook your favourite meal or go some where nice. 4. Do the bracelet trick e.g. put a bracelet on one of your wrists and every time you check FB switch it to the other wrist. The goal here is to try and keep it on the same wrist for days at a time. 5. Replace FB time with another activity e.g. scrolling through posts on this site, or researching/reading articles for the business you're working for/on. Hopefully the above hacks help, however ultimately I think the best way to quit anything isn't through hacks, but through having a strong enough motivation to quit. As I said above for me, I just got tired of the comparison cycle and reading everyone's rubbish and then feeling obliged to post myself in order to appear relevant.
Vinnie Tran
@janinah "got tired of the comparison cycle and reading everyone's rubbish and then feeling obliged to post myself in order to appear relevant" I totally share the feeling with you <3 <3 <3 Thanks you so much!!!!! You made my day ^^
Dave Bain
It's become a bit of a running joke over the last few years. Amazes me when you see someone start a post with "I know this isn't the right place, but let me tell you about my kid..."
Misha Krunic
Yes. Definitely. More and more I've been stumbling upon "slice-of-life" types of posts, personal rants, and humble-bragging. Nevertheless, I still think that for B2B businesses LI is invaluable. Even with it becoming much more Facebook alike. I'm just wondering whether this will be something we'll have to adapt to (in terms of content, strategy, etc.) or will LinkedIn take some steps towards setting the platform on its original track. Have a great day!
@price2spy good question re will LinkedIn leave it as it is. Or, start pushing for people to start posting more B2B content again
Fabian Maume
I agree. I think that the story feature is pushing in this direction. I'm expecting the trends to reverse in the close future as people realise it doesn't help either career or business.
Benoit Chambon
@fabian_maume I think that "cleaning" relationships on LI might solve the problem: select only people focusing on your business and/or that you share a common interest with. But I have a feeling that most LinkedIn users are looking for the highest "relationship" score, even when it makes no sense...
Fabian Maume
@benoit_chambon It makes sense to stay over 500 connections threshold. You can remove people from your feed without removing them from network.
Abel G. weldu
Agreed. One of my friends refers to the platform as "Instagram for ugly people with good salary'.
Derek Duban
Yes, I agree. I hold to the old belief that public and private should be separate when interacting with people who are basically strangers.
Coin Analytics
Yes definitely true! It’s clearly a marketing strategy that I find very cringe. Very pretentious and not authentic that results in me feeling uncomfortable and ignoring or blocking the post.
Yuvraj Mathur
Yes! Cant agree more! Linkedin used to be more focused and less spammed earlier...