How do you cope up with setbacks in your life ??

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I take out some time to recollect myself, reflect on my shortcomings and do not relate that setback to my life but just a part of something I wanted to achieve. Like this I come out more stronger and become more focused towards my goal.


Mayank Gupta
1. Take some time off. 2. Think and analyze where it went wrong. 3. Improve on those points. 4. Get at it better than before.
Mrinalini Rabindranath
I choose to remind myself that whatever is going on will not last forever, it may seem like the end of the world, but that too shall pass.
Raghav Goyal
Treat them as learning steps/stones and move on. Failures are the best teachers and probably the best experiences.
Rashmi Gupta
talk to my friends and family
1. I cry - this helps relieve any stress or anxiety I have. 2. I write down what I want to achieve and how I am going to achieve them. 3. To avoid getting overwhelmed, I watch funny shows, listen to music I like and eat good food. If I'm comfortable with how I am, I can always deal with anything.
Emma Phượng Nguyễn
1. Accept the reality with a statement, not emotion. 2. Take a rest, do what I enjoy and practice daily gratitude. 3. Get up and back to the game.
Asif Kamal
We learn from our setbacks the most. Analayze and learn. Try not to repeat the same mistakes and always improve that my motto