What type of work culture do you like and appreciate ?

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There are mostly four types of work culture that we can decode 1) Clan Culture - which is Collaborative ( Do things Together) 2) Adhocracy Culture - which is creative ( You do new things every now and then ) 3) Market Culture - which is competitive ( Major decisions taken are based on market response ) 4) Hierarchy Culture - which is controlling ( Follows set of instructions and duties )


Raghav Goyal
I guess a healthy balance of the first 3?
@somnathsandeep I like and appreciate the culture which falls in the intersection of Clan and Adhocracy where one can make their own market rather than market making them.
Combination of the first three as Raghav already mentioned!
Pallavi Jaisinghani
I work in a company that works on the first 2 mentioned in your list making it one of the coolest company to work with. What matters most at Walkover is you take ownership of your work.
A real one that's genuinly nice. I don't like insensitive ones nor ones that pretend to be profesional but couldn't care less about you.