Do you think Spaces and Architecture has Direct Impact on your mental health and Productivity ??

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The external space is linked to the internal space of mind, thought and process. I feel it impacts your behavior and responses in an unmeasurable manner. Even your workspace should be such which exposes you to minimal distraction and frames so that you remain focused on the thought you are engaged with. . What are your views over this ? How have you created a workspace for yourself at home ??


Oo, I love this question. I definitely think the workspace & architecture in particular can serve as an inspiration for work in addition to motivation to get to your working space. I'm a sucker for a nice building though.
Mayank Gupta
Absolutely right! Initially I used to work from my bed and one day I thought of setting up a desk and working. I'm glad that my productivity has skyrocketed! And I am not kidding, I have less distractions and the overall ambience of my desk helps me focus more and be serious.
@mayank_gupta11 Amazing, I have done the same Mayank and it has helped me to even reduce fatigue and body stress :)
Mayank Gupta
@thunderbird27 Same, I had such intense back pain and shoulder pain. But I feel much better now and I am not slouching as well. I feel less lazy at all time.
@mayank_gupta11 What do you mean by less lazy ?? :P
Somnath Sandeep
Oh god! Environmental design (space) and time constraints (time) can be one of the biggest drivers for creating new habits. Personally, I like design my environment in a way that it's life assertive. The easiest way to do it is by growing indoor plants. Also, evolutionarily our eyes we've been used to seeing plants and trees all the time, and I think it has a great impact on our mood. Another thing which I look out for is the balconies. I always look out for beautiful, breezy balconies. More the merrier. Tell me few things which you like to surround yourself with? @thunderbird27
Mayank Gupta
@somnathsandeep I also want some indoor plants man! I have to get some, I have heard many people say that it actually uplifts your mood. And the play your work from is heavenly bro! The view is just amazing.
@somnathsandeep It depends from person to person, green and scenic surroundings are inspiring but for a person like me, I will start writing poetry and short pieces so I always keep less things around me at my work space. Also I have a lot of miniature stuff, sticky notes which has something motivational and inspiring written on it. Also I keep a bunch of loose papers to scribble.. This is how my workplace looks like :)
Matheus Emanuel
Of course, I believe that the built environment has a lot of impact on our whole life. One thing that made me realize more about this is that it is extremely difficult for me to be productive working from home because my desk is inside my room and so I have all these possible distractions (bed, books, decorative items, etc.) that cause me to get caught up in a task that would take 10 minutes now taking 1 hour.
@treematheus Same was the issue with me so I keep my work room very empty, and most of the things inside the cupboards or shelfs. But yes working from home is still a challenge.
Richard Fang
Not sure if relatable but working in cafes usually ups my productivity by quite a lot
Stuti Agarwal
In Roald Dahl’s writing hut, in the center was a chair with a hole in the bottom of the backrest for his broken spine. On the table in front was a lamb with a tennis ball hanging from it to keep it in place. By him was a table of memories, which included a ball made from the tin foil of the chocolate he ate, his own knee joint that was removed and many such weird things. Behind him was a board where he stuck the cards given to him by his children. It was the tiniest writing hut that he went to to write every day, for at least five hours, with a flask of coffee. It was nothing special, in fact you may have called it mundane, and yet he sat there for years writing the most magical stories. This to say that I don’t necessarily believe that a space helps with productivity or mental health, not for me. For me it’s always been perspective, which I get from the people I surround myself with and the art (books, articles, music, etc.)
@stuti Wow !! Your answer made me travel to another space all together. For creative work, I also believe only your perspective or madness is important. And for person to person it is very different... :)
Michael Dois
Yes! Also if its nice & cleaned etc
Uku Kudu
For sure. It depends also on the space. Good, bad or neutral.
Luca Burgio
Absolutely, in my case there's a link between the workspace and my daily inspiration and motivation.
@graphicure How do you and with what all things you surround yourself in your workspace to maintain your inspiration and motivation ?
Luca Burgio
@thunderbird27 I try to keep my workspace close to nature, when possible. I often use music to remove any external noises (different than the nature one)
Arko Ganguli
The most definitely. Literally that's the USP of any well designed workspace. :)
Amanda Trincher
I think it works now. First of all, the state of human health is affected by lifestyle and the environment, so it is so important where and how he lives. Architecture plays a special role in human life. With the help of a combination of lines, angles and colors of the building, an influence is exerted on the consciousness of a person, which forms his social behavior. Now good architects or rendering firms like create projects that will positively influence people