How do you change your state of mind / mood in difficult / stressfull times?

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I have just found a great tool for that matter: Do you know any other tools like the above mentioned? I'd love to know them :))


Rashmi Gupta
I liked this product :) it looks fun,I don't know the effectiveness though...doing some workout, household work, some cleaning or talking to a of these things works generally :)
Take a walk. Interact in an online forum (like I am doing now). Watching a well curated YouTube playlist to pick myself up (VC talks, SAAS revenue). And just code or learn new things. TLDR: Just keep busy.
I like the app.. it is so simple! but it needs better UI..
Begüm Bayram
90s 2000s pop music and dance! If it is a huge mental break down, Turkish Romany music!
Anett Schulte
yes, keeping myself busy help a lot :) or also just have a small talk with friends