Makers that are also parents?

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Are there any parents on Product Hunt? Looking to discover or connect with people that are doing both at the same time! Whats your routine and how do you manage both :)?


Hello! Welcome to the juggle mode Robin :) My son is in school, so his school time is my work time. Then I gain a couple more hours after his bed time. In what stage of parenting are you?
@gogloballakshmi I am not in the junggle yet but soon :)) So I am in the "pre Seed round" :D With the school time that makes sense! But I think its also though because you work more than 100% so very impressive :))
Hwei Oh
Hi Robin, I'm certain there are many maker parents on Product Hunt, so you're not alone. I would breakdown all the hours you have in a typical day and evaluate how much potential downtime you have that you could channel into your start-up. Possibly after the kids are asleep; on the weekends when they have dedicated activities; outsourcing some chores ... if you're passionate enough about getting things happening, it might take some creative management of time, but I'm sure it'll be worth it.
@hwei_oh Thanks for those great tips!! Really appreciate it :)
Matthew Johnson
🙋‍♂️ I am. With kids I became a morning person and now wake up super early and use that time to get deep work done. I also think being a parent makes me more focused - I don't have as much time to waste. Knowing that helps me stay on track. I wrote a post on on it if helpful
@mattcrail wow, thats impressive and also good because I once was used to get at 5 am for work (timberman). Yes, that with the focus I hear a lot - you cut the BS directly out of your life! Also thanks a lot for your Blogpost!!
@mattcrail @hwei_oh @gogloballakshmi Sorry guys, I completly forget about this notifications - there are soooo many :DD