How do you celebrate (small) wins?

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Building something, maybe also on your own sometimes makes it hard to celebrate and enjoy the things we've achieved along the way. How do you celebrate these things?


Patrick Ludewig
I stop working immediately and go outside in a park or cafe and enjoy all the things i see around me.
In the immediate I would probably take a one day break since I worked tirelessly to get to this point. I prefer to remind myself every now and then of everything I went through, which made me the person I am today (being thankful for the hard learned life lessons and the failures that helped me grow as a person in order to get to a win).
Prashant Kumar
I use to associate my task with some small rewards. Every small wins gives me some reward and yes sometime go out with friends helps a lot.
I just feel happy all day long ! It literally makes my day. treat myself with a rest afterward haha.