How did the first week of 2022 fair for you?

Rucha Joshi
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Mine was pretty eventful! - Eased out some wrinkles on our landing page - Fixed a UX bug on an onboarding flow - Began prep on the Listener's product launch tomorrow πŸ˜… --------------------------------------------------------- Edit: We launched it πŸ˜„


Minal Joshi Jaeckli
πŸ‘ wow, you're moving it!! Mine was good, resulting in this week looking very exciting with four seriously cool meetings set up to start case study, new client into, etc... Let's keep going! πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ
Lusine Mkhitaryan
Wish you good luck. Mine was successful for me 1. finished a task that was really hard for me because I didn't have those skills, but Youtube helped me. 2. After the holidays also began preparations for the product launch.
Atul Ghorpade
Didn't know you are launching tomorrow! Good luck. :)
Kamila KlavΓ­kovΓ‘
Nice πŸ™Œ! Looking forward to your lunch. Good luck πŸ€! I would say it was a success: - Made new videos for onboarding. - Joined a community and created new connections. - Worked on email for customers who registered last month. - Started categorizing public boards in the app.
Jonathan Massabni
Very cool, it's nice to see fellow creators' hustle. Joined PH January 1st :) and we've been working on our app's 3rd release! Big 2022 so far, good luck on the launch!
Fajar Siddiq
1st week no sales and tons of to-do tasks for me. I started AMA on my & templates on My bills are piling up every first month of the year and need to clear soon. I've been drinking tea instead of coffee and buying groceries, cooking lunch/dinner for healthier & better habits. All the best for your prep product launch @rucha_joshi8
Rucha Joshi
@fajarsiddiq good luck! Switching to tea already seems like a great start. The rest will come together too :) Going to check out your AMA!
Mekkie Bansil
Extremely emotional. We pulled together, fixed what felt like a million bugs and launched the first version of our product here on producthunt. Now we wait and pray...
ohh tough one. [personal] my aim for this year is to quit at least one bad habit and I started with weed addiction. firs days was nightmares and lots of sweating but I think I crossed the hard parts. if anyone had experience would love to hear. got closed to burnout late 2021 and take a free time after new years eve, feeling more energized. [Product dev] I interviewed five engineering managers to learn how they optimize their team performance and got some incredible insights.
Mine was pretty eventful too - dived right into it, front-end, outreach, planning. Still a bit rusty after the holidays (as all of us I suppose πŸ˜…). I've had lots of success with my product concept, now trying to build the MVP so people can test it out as fast as possible.
Jake Gutstein
All good things!! - Launched on the app store (Zest cooking) - Brought on an amazing new team member - Finished UI on a new homescreen and moved from design to dev
Tanmay M
It was awesome, started this year with new 11k users for my latest web app
Andrew C.
New beginnings at my end... im sure this year will be a blast... God bless.
Cailyn Yong
your product looks interesting!! Mine was super hectic. I'm running my own startup and working for another startup, which means a lot of nitty gritty taks... :)
Style and Trends
Congrats! Mine was going pretty well as well, let's crush 2022.
Kate Middle
Great job! Happy for you!
It was a very active beginning of the year. There are many changes ahead of us, but we can do it!
Mahak from Outgrow
Mine was good and congrats on your launch!!
We ate a lot, and so our week passed))) By the way, we took the ideas of dishes for the New Year's table on . They publish simple recipes of delicious dishes.