Hi everyone List 3 thing in which you spend your money everyday?

Shrutika More
15 replies
Lets Discuss the most common thing in which we spend our money everyday!


Sahil Pednekar
travel, food and gifts
Iya Mendoza
Food and beverages. That's all I can think of haha!
Shrutika More
hi @iyamendoza01 I think in this case food is in the top
Vaibhav Taneja
Food, food & food. hahaha, I am a big foodie!
Shrutika More
hii @vaibhav_taneja being a foodie I can relate it :)
Nikita Kukreja
Interesting question! Its food for me as well. Then there are things like electricity and internet which I need for work, but I don't 'pay' for it daily..
Shrutika More
@kukreja_nikita food is the ultimate winner for this,cheers
Srishty Chaudhary
I mostly spend my money on food, books, and clothes. These three things are something that I love doing.
Shrutika More
@srishty_chaudhary but as earlier you have mentioned food! should we consider that on top priority
Sini Katariina
Good question! Buss ticket, food/ snacks and electricity :D
Food. Cat food. Betting on sports here. I'm a student and I just need a quick way to make money, because otherwise I can't feed my furry fat friend. He literally demands canned meat from me in the morning and evening. It's pretty funny, because previously he only ate specialized food.