What is the biggest mistake you've ever made?

Shrutika More
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i make many small mistakes to avoid big mistakes and shock waves. for the sake of not copping out, i will give this a couple more minutes to think which potentially was the biggest mistake :D
before: oh i think it could be not launching soon enough. and thinking that launching is just one event. now: launch again and again to specific audiences, cohorts and channels.
Lucian Tartea
As a bootstrapping basic product maker it has to be not joining tech social media faster: Twitter, PH, IH, Dev.to
Arun Pariyar
Underestimating Social Media 🙈
Shrutika More
@arunpariyar That seems to be a big mistake :D
Daniel Jacob
Realizing my strenghts too late.
David Casson
The biggest mistake I ever made was not leveraging social media to its max potential.
Donald Dude
I trusted the wrong person and had a great loss because of that.
One from which I do not learn something, or just ignore the cause, and assume it a happening.