Designers how do you manage your Creative Block?

Shrutika More
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Sahil Pednekar
By taking a long nap 🛌🏾💤
Valeria Migova
I try to switch and get distracted. But in general, the online whiteboard Weje helps me to stay productive and creative. I usually try to write down every idea in hopes that it'll bring on some inspiration :)
Shrutika More
hii @vmigova sounds great even I agree that writing down every idea helps a lot :)
Gaive Glodenyte
I look for inspiration in other people's work. I might go to a museum and look at paintings, or look for inspiring illustrations in books/magazines etc. A break in the nature is also a nice way to restart your creative flow. But sometimes nap is THE answer!
Shrutika More
@gaive_glodenyte ya I agree walking around nature can really help to bring back the creative flow and I even agree that for instant if you don't know what to do taking a nap and a day off works a lot
Hey @shrutika_more 👋 This is a topic that I mostly avoid talking about because there is no one-fit-all solution to overcome creative blocks. But here is a 3 step process I follow 1️⃣ Complete what You started I honestly believe creative block occurs due to the “Fear of imperfection”. So my first step is to complete what I started unconventionally and ruggedly. 2️⃣ Sleepover it and let it sink The possibility of you generating new ideas subconsciously is higher while sleeping. During sleep, the brain consolidates the memories of the previous day and helps you organize thinking. 3️⃣ Wake up in mid-sleep But make your brain ready for that by jotting down the problem that needs to be solved in a notes app. Most of the time when I wake up in mid-sleep, I tend to get some pretty good ideas hit my head. (This is called Sleep-Storming) ---- What you just read is not another hocus pocus 💫 It is what is scientifically called structured unconscious generative ideation. In simpler terms, it means to train your brain to generate new ideas while you sleep.
Shrutika More
Hi @shaikrish I agree with you, even the sleep storming I have also done it so many times
Ivan Ralic
I have a rule to create as fast as possible 5 different designs I know will suck at that moment but I'll do it nevertheless. In most cases this removes the block and I can put together the finished product by mixing those 5 together. On the other hand, if that doesn't work. I just go and do something else, and at some point the creativity comes back.
The Scopes
@ralic I'm agree with you. the same thing that I'll doing and here is my new project.
Nadia Elinbabi
Work on a new project. Always my go-to.