Have you ever tried email outreach for your startup?

Shrey Gupta
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Hi hunters, Have you ever tried email outreaching for your B2B SaaS product? How to start it? Where to find the right prospect for the same?


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Scrape prospects data from LinkedIn
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@vineet18del Thanks, LinkedIn is in my priority.
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@vineet18del @sshreeey if LinkedIn is your priority, I suggest to you to use this tool www.skrapp.io, it will help you build accurate email lead lists for your next outreach campaign through it.
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It will depend a lot about ideal customer profile (ICP). They are 2 key success criterias with cold outreach: - Targeting - Copy So you need to spend considerable looking at your ICP. Linkedin is usually the easiest to create a database to start with. Tetriz.io can help if you want.
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@fabian_maume Thanks... Gonna start with LinkedIn first.
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check out bant.io for cold email!
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@stephen_cotter Tank you for suggesting. Will look into it.
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Shortlist your auditory, scrap data from LinkedIn, CrunchBase, websites, Buy data base; verify emails via Snovio , warm up your email via lemlist 3.0 and start your cold outreach
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@cn__katie Thanks for your insights.
We need to search for an app to find links and optimize product tools slither io