Find, verify, send and track business emails easily

Cut down the time it takes to find and collect leads, candidates, and partners. Find the people you need and bring your business idea directly to their inbox! Snovio provides an email marketing toolset for Sales reps, Marketers, Startup founders, Recruiters and anyone who needs email outreach or outbound research.

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Used Skrapp and before, but switched to with no hesitation. Helps all departments - marketing, SDRs and sales. 9/10 in my opinion!


All-in-one: lead gen, lead verification, outreach, multiple sources and tools.


Barely can name any.

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Thank you for your feedback, Paul. Our team does our best to create the useful service which would make the every-day routine work easier. So we keep implementing more and more new tools.
Hi everyone! We at snovio are very grateful for this chance to be shown in front of this wonderful audience! Snovio is a start-up that emerged nearly a year ago. We know what it takes to grow from scratch and how important having the right tool-set is to start-up growth. The problem is there are many tools, some are pricey, some glitch a lot and you always have to switch between different apps. We at Snovio aim to build an all-in-one tool-set that helps marketing teams grow sales by scaling their lead generation efforts and reaching out to the right prospects, from job candidates to event organizers. It took us a year to build the following tool-set that allows you to easily find prospects across various sources like Facebook, LinkedIn and web domains, then reaching out to them. Find email addresses while browsing websites and send emails in a single chrome extension. Explore our API methods and even more email finding options in the web app. Verify emails through a chrome extension or web app. Find, identify and check web technologies behind websites and apps, through our 'Web Technology Checker' extension. It helps find the technologies used to build a website or app. It detects CMS, marketing tools, e-commerce solutions and more. It also shows information about each website with company data, like the number of employees, industry type and lets you find email addresses of the people in charge. A free emailing system, simply connect your Gmail or SMTP account and start sending it to a list. It allows tracking, personalization with plain text only, but if that's OK with you then you can cut costs on email marketing systems like MailChimp if you are not doing anything fancy there. Drip email campaigns are coming in May this year! Snovio will become an affordable CRM for both outbound and inbound marketing. Our roadmap is within reach after so much hard work. Any feedback is appreciated and you are welcome to ask questions!
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Great to see you on PH finally :) I've been using few alternatives, but switched to half a year ago with no hesitation. I love how you went from a single extension to a real solid platform with different lead generation, lead verification and outreach tools. I love such all-in-one solutions :) Good luck guys!
@paul_shuteyev Thank you, Paul, we are really working hard on the product development to support sales and marketing specialists with their daily tasks and very much appreciate your feedback as an advanced user of the platform!
@paul_shuteyev thanks Paul, your feedback has been helpful all the way down the road!
@alikks @dasha_shevchenko thanks for your hard work guys. You deliver extremely helpful features and tools at the speed of light. Do you even sleep? :)
@paul_shuteyev coffee and guarana are my good old friends) But I believe in the power of balance and try not to fall out of it :)
Great idea! What about the automated emails? something like trigger and action system?
@dmitriy_norenko hey Dmitriy! That's correct! Something that helps you automate the whole outreach process by setting up responses when they are needed. It will help you convert more with any type of leads, it can follow up with your prospects or existing clients when they do a certain action. It can follow them for years once you set it up. But that's the next thing for Product Hunt ;)
@dmitriy_norenko and be sure to check out latest email verifier chrome extension, one of a kind!

In my opinion, this is the best email solution for business


It's a really helpful product for me



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Thank you, Roman! I hope our drip campigns will be even more helpful to you, stay tuned!