Have you ever let a product change a habit?

Jim Morrison
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Are there any great examples out there of digital products that have made you change your real world habits?


That's a great question! I think every product is trying to be habit-forming with their ease of use and gamification, but the meditation apps are a superb example here. They offer gentle reminders and I think there is so much scope in the mental and physical wellbeing space.
Jim Morrison
@yeshaswini ooh, yes that’s a great set of examples, thanks. I’ll go and investigate. Are there any apps you’d particularly recommend?
Maddie Lee
Not sure if this is helpful but check out the book Hooked - it's about building habit-forming products and it is really fascinating. https://www.goodreads.com/book/s...
Jim Morrison
@shesmaddie ... can I ask - does "Hooked" promote the kind of domamine-response behaviours that things like Facebook use.. cos that's really not what I want. We're working hard to build a product that promotes healthy reading habits - a little bit of news each day... but not too much, not from the same sources each day, not about the same tropes each day... cultural and political breadth & balance... The challenge we have is that while we're really trying to avoid the "addiction" behaviours... we do still need to form the habit which, in this day/market is *super* hard. PS. Realise I've asked two very similar questions (doh!) ... and @phgn0 just suggested the same book so it must be good. Just hope it's the right sort of good.