Where is everyone from?

Richard Fang
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I'm personally from Sydney Aus but would love to see which parts of the world the Product Hunt community is from 😂


Johannes Grenzemann
Hi Richard, I'm from Germany :)
Hey Richard! Such a wonderful way to know the community. I represent Product Hunt from Delhi, India :)
Richard Fang
@adityavsc Thanks Aditya! That's a beautiful picture - did you take it yourself?
@richardfliu As much as I would loved to say 'yes', this is from a journalist friend, Shailendra :)
Surender Singh
Hello Richard Suri here from Gurgaon, India. Learning so much from this community. :)
Gleb Braverman
I am originally from Russia, am living between US and Europe my whole life.
Richard Fang
@gleb_braverman oh that's awesome - when do you move around?
Gleb Braverman
@richardfliu not sure what you mean by that - can you elaborate?
Ezzat Suhaime
Malaysia! But I live in the US.
Richard Fang
@ezzat How was the move from Malaysia to the US? I have a fair few friends in Malaysia / or from Malaysia and now in Aus
Julia Doronina
Hi Richard, I'm from Russia!
Preeti Chovoor
Im from Florida and my family is from India