Have you built an invite-only app?

Daniela Passos
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So... the FOMO is real. We have seen it @ Clubhouse, right? Have you already built an invite-only app? If so, how did it go? What was your experience?


Alexa Vovchenko
Hi Daniela :) We didn't build @employplan as invite-only, but at some point we wanted to pivot to this model, so I can share my observation. On the one hand, invite-only makes the product some sort of 'elite' and sparks interest. However, this model wouldn't actually work for B2B, which e.g., our product is. I assume invite-only is good for some social-media app. So if you want your product to become invite-only, you might think through one point: if a potential client would be eager to invest their time and get an invite.
If you're old enough, you might remember, so even Google used FOMO launching own services. I'm talking exactly about Gmail, which now probably is most popular service for every day email sending. It happened in about 2004 and Clubhouse using this technique to gain more exposure. Actually behind the scenes you want everything you can't get. When you finally get it excitement falls down for a bit.
More than adoption, I would like to watch how this will end up in the long run. @joinclubhouse bigger goal is to create a new habit in our daily life. Make us using audio as the medium of everyday communication. While we are on the topic of @joinclubhouse, I want to share news about our product launch day this week, Feb 17th, 2021. And this is somewhat relevant to @clubhouse. That's why I am posting it here. In a way, we are going more in-depth with our regular text-based communication. With the frenzy around @joinClubhouse and @zoom_us to transition our communication to other mediums, the text becomes an underrated medium of communication. This switching tool means an opportunity to exploit with text, and that's what we are doing with @youremarks. We are experimenting with a social app that leverages our actual working of minds. Our app is called @youremarks — we are solving issues inherent with text-based communication. To make it exciting and rewarding to the users, we have combined the goodness of @twitter and @hqtrivia and added more elements to achieve our objective. I want to invite you guys all to explore what we have to offer and share your feedback.