Spreadsheet with US VCs and Accelerators

Daniela Passos
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Hey Founders! I have tracked VCs and Accelerators for months and now want to share this sheet for Startups who are raising funds. The list includes: + Contact + Ticket size+range + Location + Fund Size and type https://docs.google.com/spreadsh... If this is useful for you, in return please give me some feedback about my product, Phovi πŸ‘ΎπŸ’œ


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A few sections to consider adding: Website (outside of Crunchbase), when they were founded, link to application and notable company's they have funded. Outside of that... Great list!
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@alex_papageorge1 interesting! Will give that a thought, but I think this information can be found with a quick google search and also on their Crunchbase page :)
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@alex_papageorge1 @danielamoitinho 100%.. but so can all the other information included. The aggregation is the value, to me at least.
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@alex_papageorge1 @alex_papageorge I believe the list is the real value itself :) as crunchbase has the company's website and companies they have funded, and you can access the application through the website, but thanks for the suggestion.
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Did you get funds from any of these?