Has Product Hunt helped you in anyway?

Asif Kaal
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Has producthunt help you in any way? If so pls reply with a simple Yes or No?


yes it has, A lot infact
Vinny Maxwell
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Shaf Imtiaz
I just started I hope i can say Yes in a few weeks haha
Jan Forsthuber
Hopefully it will once we launch :D
David Lauchenauer
Hey, Yes product hunt has helped us a lot. On the launch of IndieBrands we received over 1.000 unique visitors. To this day it's still our 2 highest referral source with over 1.500 users. Besides that indiehackers was also a great referrer
Sefora Tunc
@gmiadlich how did you do that? What do I need to do to get attention on product hunt? 🙈
David Lauchenauer
@yosefora Hey, the biggest impact was propably the social network of my partner. He's been building product for quite a while now & he has build quite a community. He believes in building in public etc. which helped him grow to great margins. He posted the product and a lot of questions on indiehackers aswell shared it all on twitter & we helped sharing it. Socialize and good things will happen.
Sourabh Goyal
Recently created an account here. let's see how it goes
Joseph Bowman
I didn't have a real successful launch for unscatter.com, appears I can't even link it using the !Unscatter tag, which is disappointing. I guess I need to just keep learning how this site works.
Tasnuva Ashraf Umama
Made me find a community I had never seen on any other social media site before
Emma Phượng Nguyễn
Yes, I have some unique visit from PH, however, still figure it out.
Yes..We managed to get some unique set of eyes on our website!
Mayank Gupta
Yes, i use many products listed in PH, both in my projects as well as personally, and also have connected to many people here who have good knowledge about their domain.
Kamin kabeb
This is a community of brainy people not tik tok users thats why I love it