Has anyone come across an app that tracks your credit card benefits?

Alexandra Kazakova
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I saw a lot of excel templates around, but not a tool that has pre-set updated CC benefits and allows you to track your points, cashback, etc...


Alina Ihnatiuk
Unfortunately, I have not even heard of such applications.
Alexandra Kazakova
@antonovna Same here. I know people using spreadsheets to track their bonus points, cashbacks, etc. What if someone created an app for that? Would be cool!
Kirman Smith
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James Salli
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Nick Bess
I use moneylion (you can find more info here https://moneylion.pissedconsumer...). It provides me with the tools I need to live my best money life. From mobile banking to credit-building, financial tracking, cash advances, etc, this app is really helpful.
Alexandra Green
There’s a great app that’s been on the market for quite a long time. It’s called AwardWallet - https://awardwallet.com/ It tracks your credit card benefits as well as other loyalty accounts you want to keep an eye on. It’s a very convenient tool, because if you are just a bit curious about maximizing your benefits gain, it will show you multiple ways how to do that. The app knows which cards earn more points at a particular merchant, so that you can plan your shopping. It will also tell you what the most profitable ways to redeem your points are.
Maria Schriber
Heya Alexandra! I work at a small startup called Kudos which tells you which credit card to use to maximize your credit card rewards and also takes into account benefits like purchase protection, extended warranties, etc. Would love your thoughts on it: joinkudos.com. We have a Chrome extension and iOS app and we're launching a new feature this Thursday that will double rewards at partnered merchant sites. So if you earn 3% at Sephora with your card, we'll double it so you'll end up earning 6% 🔥