Real estate investing apps. Are they worth it?

Alexandra Kazakova
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Hello fellow hunters! I see more and more apps and tools coming up that are meant to make investing in real estate accessible to people who don't have time or even money as well as turns RE into liquid investment. What do you think about this transformation of RE investing?
It undermines the key principles of RE investing: long-term, stability, tax benefits.
It will help bring more investment and cash into the RE "buyer" markets
It will negatively affect market dynamics, where prices are already al all-time high


earl motley
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Did these apps also offer Flat Fee Listing to other users?
Max Velin
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I haven't used a real estate search app yet, so I can't say. But I recently worked with the site where I was looking for real estate in Australia, and it gave me some pretty interesting options. For those who are looking for work or want to start a business, there are tremendous opportunities in this country. It is like a magnet for foreign investors and those who want to live in Australia permanently.
boss pak
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Ich habe keine Immobiliensuch-App verwendet, aber ich habe mit immomakler mönchengladbach gearbeitet, die mir viel Gewinn bringen, aber ich habe nicht viel Zeit für sie, sich zu treffen und ihre Provisionsgebühr zu begleichen, also bin ich sehr gespannt auf die Immobilien-App, hoffe, dass sie wie echt funktionieren wird Agent.
Lolande Shores
Real estate investing apps are worth it if you know how to use them. Investing in real estate isn't a joke, and before spending your money on anything, you should study a lot about this business and how it works. Still, you can try investing in real estate to understand more about this business. Visit here, you can find out how to invest in the real estate business with only ten dollars in your pocket. I am sure you won't be disappointed about it.