Hardest or easiest work first?

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Hey, hunters! I have read a lot of articles about time management and productivity. And I noticed that in some articles it is recommended to do the hardest tasks first, while in others it is said that it is better to start with easy ones. Personally, I prefer to start with easy tasks as it allows me to get gradually into a working rhythm. What is your preferable way to start working: with easy or hard tasks?


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I rather think of it as "signal over noise" just what's most impactful on your product first always!
Easy easy eays until the hard is mandatory for the next step of the project 😞
Donia Ahmed
For me starting with easy tasks and getting them finished makes you more enthusiastic and gives me push to get the harder tasks done
Misha Krunic
In my case, usually, the easier ones get done first. However, if there's a high-priority difficult task it gets put in the first place on my to-do list.
Alina Ihnatiuk
I divide it into fast and long. For example, a difficult task can be quick.
Fabian Maume
I think the question is more about short vs long task. You should start long tasks early on in order to be able to finish them during the day. Starting with a set of short tasks to get some energy for quickly tempting your backlog could be a good idea. I also have some short easy tasks planned in the middle of my afternoon in order to replenish my focus.
Ira GI
I do not have a plan for completing tasks and time to share them
Ana Dodig
In my case, the easier ones get done first.
I prefer to start with hard tasks because this way the hardest part will be behind me and the rest of the day will be more pleasant.