Growth hacker (5 years experience) looking for a technical co-founder to build a SaaS

Jasper Ruijs
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Hey everyone, 👋 Since I have spent so much time on this platform and there are probably like-minded individuals, I will give it a shot. Experienced entrepreneur/growth hacker (5 years) looking for a technical co-founder to build a Linkedin Analytics Platform to improve inbound marketing on Linkedin. For content creation and analysis, most growth marketers need to use a web scraper like Phantombuster and a third-party website to format the text of their posts. Likewise, you need to run your own data experiments to see growth over months and cannot see directly which connections love to engage more with your content, missing low-hanging fruit for conversion. The MVP is an overlay Chrome extension, which shows you the engagement rate of your posts and the network strength of your connections after a spider has crawled the content data. If this Producthunt goes well, we build the entire platform. If I caught your attention, read the pitch here in detail. to contact me.


Fabian Maume
Have you considered using Phantombuster to build the MVP? You can easily make a googsheet template to test the concept.
Artem Smirnov
I wish I could join you, but I'm fully busy with another startup. One question: how are you not afraid to invite total strangers to become a cofounder? Aren't we supposed, like, know each other for some time, make sure we're on the same page, get along well, stuff like that?
Jasper Ruijs
@artem_smirnov1 Not really, i am inviting them to build an mvp with me. If the energy doesn't resonate then I won't move forward.
Erik Dz
Contacted you! :D