Gamification in education fails

Ayaz Karimov
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I`ve just read the academic paper that actually using gamification in education in the long term fails. It negatively impacts students if they don`t win the game basically :) What do you think about this?
Gamification is always good way to learn since it is entertaining
Gamification can demotivate some students who don`t score well


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I don't know much about the concept of gamification in educational sphere in my country per se, but I feel for me as long as I was competing with myself (and not against my peers) it would still be a very benifitial method. Makes a big difference if I get KO'd and have to restart a level VS losing against actual other humans (fellow classmates for instance). I am the first to admit that I can be a sore loser if I am in a bad mood, but not failing publicly goes a long way in maintaining motivation.
Sofya Narbut
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The best case study I saw on this topic is → Based on that my opinion basically is that gamification shouldn't be a single way reward system and encouragement should be done in many different ways in the process. If there is only one way, it may only motivate one group.
Iuliia Shnai
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@sofya_narbut Interesting point!
Rose Fimillighon
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It teaches students to accept their failures. Education is a complex process, and gamification might not suit everyone, but it's one of the ways. To me, it's not the best variant. I prefer classical education, learning all from books. But I use this source for some of my tasks. The education system must be more adaptive to every student and depends on their level and interests.