The best no-code tool for marketing automation

Ayaz Karimov
7 replies
Hey, amazing people! Can you please recommend the best no-tool marketing automation tool you used? Many thanks!


Tanya Sharma
What kind of tasks are you looking to automate? You can schedule and post on Twitter via Airtable. With Airtable and Zapier you can almost automate most repeatable tasks. Happy to answer an specific use case that you may have :)
Ayaz Karimov
@tanyasharma we generally use Trello for autoamtions, and even though I am aware of Airtable but I never tried this one.
Olivia Bridges
There are many no-code tools in the market for automated marketing. Like Canva, Bubble, Voiceflow, and Shopify, etc.
Bastien Cochet
Restya Core is a highly recommended no-code tool for growing businesses that have yet to try workflow automation and for enterprise businesses.
Fabian Maume
Phantombuster & Zapier are what would come to my mind.