Your favorite marketing no-code tool

Ayaz Karimov
9 replies
Which no-code marketing tool do you use which is not famous? We use many tools but they are generally so famous. Maybe would be nice to learn some less famous but still efficient ones.


Mohsen Kamrani
Well I didn't know such a thing even exists :/ You're not referring to Mailchimp, Mailgun, stuff like that, are you?
Maxwell Davis for me ;)
Brandon Hull
@maxwellcdavis Did you see the news that Notion is shutting down in October?
Maxwell Davis
@brandonhull No but I am now :) Much preferred it over some of the other tools
Brandon Hull
@maxwellcdavis Yes it's disappointing when this sort of thing happens.
Lusine Mkhitaryan
Maybe ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, and GTM (I know that somehow there are some coding job but anyway)
Khushi Sharma
Hi Ayaz, I like using Hubspot and Mailchimp :) Other no-code tools I am very fond of: Bubble, Notion, Airtable