Founders, who work remotely, what tools are you using for your day-to-day activities?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Courtney Ruth
Co-Founder of KOYA
Slack (for team communication), email (for partnerships), and Notion (to help us stay organized).
Dennis Won
Full Stack Engineer. Indie Hacker.
Tandem! for the best remote office tool
Raj Vasani
Paid Ads specialist for Digital Growth
@dennis_won Just found them on PH. Amazing tool.
Nitesh Rathore
@dennis_won Trying to login from last 15 min ....
Saurabh Chandarana
🚀 Built zcal to make scheduling personal
zcal (for schedule automation - calendly alternative), slack (for team communication), gdocs (for collaborating on notes/action items), gdrive (for cloud storage).
Shyam Prasad Reddy
Founder -
Primarily, G Suite or Google for Workspace!
Stefan Smiljkovic
Visionary of, Slack, Github, Figma, Notion
Emerald Nwanne
Obviously we're power users of our own product. WorkPatterns helps us work asynchronously & prepare for 1:1 & group meetings without getting dragged into slack holes and losing productivity.
Bharadwaj Giridhar
Quit my job to help you send good emails
Email, Google Calendar, and JIRA are the tools I love working with!
Rachel Lanham
We TRY to be async-first (but still use Zoom like everyone else)!! Slack (for quick messaging, link sharing), Voodle (for more context / human connection with short video), Gsuite (shared docs), Miro (ideation in real time and async).
Merve Cankiz Coruh
Co-founder, Producter |
below are our life-saver tools: product analytics: (free) email marketing: (14€/month) documentation: (free) prospecting: (free) product management: (free during the private beta)
Will Reynolds
project management software for all open opps ( whiteboard for daily activities and weekly goals excel spreadsheet with data and finances.
Shakti K.D
Software Developer
RISE is best for team and client management.
Denis Devigne
President & Co-founder
Slack, Gsuite, ClickUp for the win! along with our own web app VidDay to celebrate workplace achievement and recognition.
Shabhi haider
Entrepreneur | Mentor | Creative Thinker
Great Remote Tools! On top of inspiring resources and ideas for team-building activities, there are plenty of excellent tools that can make working from home more manageable. Below is a list of some of our favourites here at Spendesk, plus a few others that have come recommended. If you’re looking for more extensive or complete lists of tools, here are a few bonus resources: 1. Range - The software you need to lead a distributed team members. 2. Skillcrush - 27 Tools Every New Remote Worker Needs. 3. 6Q blog - Ultimate List of 90+ Tools for Managing a Remote Team. Project & Communication Tools: 1. Zoom - The tool is fairly simple to use, works very well for teams. 2. 360Learning - 360Learning is an online learning platform that advocates collaborative learning, meaning you learn from your peers. 3. Asana - From the small stuff to the big picture, Asana organizes work so teams know what to do, why it matters, and how to get it done. 4. Slack - It’s an easy-to-use messaging app that lets teams talk to one another, with public or private groups for topic-specific conversations. 5. Trello - It's a classic project management tool. Teams put their projects on Trello boards (Kanban-style) and move them left-to-right as steps are completed or they’re ready for review. I think this will find everyone well, Vote now! :)
Boma Josiah
Tandem (for meetings, shared presence), Slack (chat) & Notion (for all our docs and tasks).
Joshua Dance
Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
Slack for communication. Shopify to sell. G Suite for docs and email.
Rajiv Ayyangar
CEO @Tandem
of course Tandem (live on PH now! But my favorite might be Figma and Figjam. My co-founder uses it for design, but I also use it for product wireframing, brainstorming, and collaborating on UI. We've also used Figjam and Figma for team-bonding activities like games, a photobook, sharing, etc! The multiplayer aspect is so powerful!
Ashley Porciuncula
CEO and Cofounder of Orbital 🪐
💬 Slack for async updates to each other, and things like Zapier / repo logs. ✅ Trello for operations / growth task tracking. Linear for dev tickets. 🪐 Orbital for meetings, standups, quick chats, and teambuilding. 📓 Notion for documentation and playbooks.
Amalia Nostalgia