Favorite Tools & Tips for Asynchronous Teams

Shiloh Johnson
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What are the tools, tips, or policies you couldn't live without when your team is spread across different time zones? What do you love about them? Bonus points if they're not the typical answers like Slack, Salesforce, etc.


Jan Mazurek
When people are spread across different time zone most basic and must have solution is set of clocks that shows what time is at each zone where teammates are located. To be more specific there sould be a list at each clock with teammates list and extra contact info including what country and city that person is located.
Matthew Johnson
@jan_mazurek I got this extension that is super useful for this http://www.fioapp.co
Miguel Bordoy
Teams, which are asynchronous, remote or distributed need to feel more engaged/aligned, do you agree? Here are some apps working on this: https://nailted.com/ or https://myhappforce.com/
Romain Cernik
We use sl.... OUPS ! Notion is one of the best for us ! Centralised tons of images, doc, to-do, calendar and team sprint !
Shiloh Johnson
@cernikromain I hear great things about Notion! Do you use it as an internal knowledge base as well as team / project management or do you use something else for that?
Aine Kavanagh
I think there are going to be so many new tools in this space, I've seen a lot! For note taking and team alignment Notion or Trello work well. 15five is also good for teams and one to ones. Simple and effective. At the moment I'm trying to build a tool that makes online meetings more effective in an async world - lots of new video conferencing tools popping up!
Shiloh Johnson
@ainekavanagh Very true! Do you use 15five? I just found out about it and am curious about how well it works. How much maintenance does it require?
Aine Kavanagh
@shilohjohnson Yes I use it at work - it's pretty good and relatively simple to use. Definitely some sticky parts that are lacking in terms of UX but not much maintenance!
Cheska Teresa
We've been trying out Tandem recently, it's good for quick checkins. Feels like the equivalent of pulling someone in for a quick laptop peek in the office.
I like TMetric for time tracking, Timezone.io for checking what time in different parts of the world is, and Monday for managing projects and tasks.
Shiloh Johnson
@soylakate Nice! Monday is a good tool - we use ClickUp ourselves which is pretty similar. Good suggestions!
Tanoy Chowdhury
We use our own screen recording tool to communicate within teams. This largely helps us to cut-down on the number of long synchronous meetings, and concentrate on our work for an extended period. Here's the link if you're interested - Vmaker for Chrome
Sai Bhava Teja C
Here are some of the tools I found helpful 1. Linear https://linear.app for issue tracking and project management 2. Notion https://notion.so for documentation 3. Spiti spiti.xyz for internal team videos