Help us select a tagline!

Shiloh Johnson
11 replies
Which headline entices you the most? ComplYant believes you don't need to be a tax expert just to run your business & avoid hefty penalties. So, we created a tool to help small business owners & entrepreneurs meet tax deadlines, budget and save for future tax bills, and stay in compliance.


Shekhar Chandra
I like the third one, clear value prop and no jargons. maybe drop the 'business' to make it smaller ? 🤔
Shiloh Johnson
@shekhar_chandra Thank you, great feedback! We need to keep business in there since we don't do personal taxes, but good thought!
Santhosh Maila
@shilohjohnson - I like the third option, it has all the keywords that would entice me.
Maciej Cupial
I like the last one. How did you get the $2500/yr value?
Shiloh Johnson
@maciej_cupial It's the estimated amount of tax penalties & fines SMBs pay to the IRS every year
Maciej Cupial
@shilohjohnson really? wow the IRS is really pain in the US. I never paid any penalties in Poland and I had multiple companies. That's interesting.
David Filipovic
I like the 4th one. I like all things stress free :)
Urszula Ostrowska
I like the third one - seems professional and clear 😇