Employee Mental Health Support

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As we rapidly move towards rigorous work environments and barely manage time for leisure, how does your organization ensure an open-door policy when it comes to sharing mental health related grievances? Do you have a system in place to support them?


Rickie Pacelli
We have mental health workshops every month. The open door policy when it comes to sharing mental health grievances really helps in maintaining a healthy work environment. We are working towards having an in-house counsellor.
@rickie_pacelli That's amazing! I have seen very few organizations that have paid attention to something as basic and as necessary as this. I am sure your employees are a happy bunch of people! kudos
Chandan Das
Do not get realize them that they are employee, just say "you are a team member" and take advice to grow the company.Also appreciate them with extra money or anythihg else for good work or extra work.
Evan Stewart
For me, this begins with core values and accountability. For example, we believe in the phrase "love the person in front of you." This means that compassion, patience, and kindness is built into the DNA of our organization. When the corporate structure is built on principles such as that, it attracts those with similar beliefs.
Miriam Dorsett
YES! This is a huge priority. I'm available on all channels for my team, at all times they know they can reach out. Asynchronous connection. We have an anonymous assessment and feedback tool they can use at any time. Before any meetings we check in with each other and if things are off, we reschedule. I always say, no one is going to die if we miss a deadline or make a spelling error. We are not at war here. It is crucial for our success that my team is mentally well and feels safe.