Email marketing campaigns : What tools do you use?

Rucha Joshi
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Sergio Zaciu
currently using Email Octopus because it's free and easy to use (also allows for quite aesthetically pleasing email designs) and will likely use to something more widely accepted (like mailchimp) once we hit a critical mass of subscribers.
Arun Pariyar
I have experience with using Mailchimp and Hubspot. Both do a great job 💌
Rucha Joshi
@arunpariyar and have you used both also as complementary tools or one at a time. Since Mailchimp just does the email marketing so far while Hubspot is almost a super platform now.
zaved sadek
Fluent CRM. It's a WordPress Plugin.
Harshit Chawla
I have the experience of using Mailchimp and it was good
Andrew E
Klavio. Layouts are clunky but the ability to use one template for multiple audiences and still have it customized to each group is useful. We use to create a cadence of emails spread out over x days in between. I'm sure there are ways to do more advanced behavioral marketing but we haven't cracked that nut yet.
Rucha Joshi
@andrew_lvlf Got it, thanks for sharing. How long have you been using Klavio?
Paul VanZandt
We use SendGrid for our automated product emails, so we used the automation feature there to create drip campaigns as well. I would love to hear some good alternatives, however.
Rucha Joshi
@paul_vanzandt What works well with Sendgrid for you? Now this thread has some good recommendations for you :) I have also been looking at Freshmarketer, and
Paul VanZandt
@rucha_joshi8 Thanks for bumping this; I'll definitely check out some of the options. Mainly my dev team recommended it, and that's why we chose their service.
Daniel Engels
It's Sendinblue for me. Great tool - but not at all adapted for cold outreach.
Rucha Joshi
@daniel_engels got it. are you planning on switching to something else?
Daniel Engels
@rucha_joshi8 I'm not actively looking for more toolsd - but if there's something really worth, I'd give it a try.
Philipp Stelzel
For my automations I am using Mailerlite because it is free up to 1000 subscribers
Rucha Joshi
@philipp_stelzel Cool! Does it manage your CRM as well?
Danah Makow
Currently using Braze and have used it at my past company as well. Have also used Leanplum which I would not recommend as it was lacking in features and customizations. Are you looking for B2B or B2C? E-commerce vs. app would also lead you down different paths. Braze and Iterable are great for mobile apps because of how you can send user data and implement it to customize and segment campaigns (they also support non-email features like push and SMS)
Maya Ben Zid
I use Mailtrack for tracking open rates and click. Since it's a Gmail extension, I like that it doesn't send emails to Promotions or Spam.
Rucha Joshi
@maya_ovice Gotcha. and do you use any automated system to send emails to user when they trigger / perform certain actions like sign up?
Yesser Falk
I have used Sendgrid for a while, but if you are interested in exploring alternatives here are some suggestions: Emma: Sendlane: Klaviyo: Drip: Mailjet: Maropost: GetResponse: MailPoet: Campayn:
Andrew Laurentiu
- Postcards to create email newsletters - Mailpost to send email newsletters - Postmark to send transactional emails
Poorva Gajbhiye
We use for our email campaigns. This tool automate the follow-ups so that we always hits the right moment and doesn't overburden our potential clients with superfluous materials. The AI assistants generate and schedule follow ups for us. Also it read and understand generic replies such as rescheduling, book meeting, unsubscribe, not interested, etc and send you only hot leads to work upon. Our lead follow-up rate is nearly 100%!
Lovepreet Gill
There are many tools available for email marketing. But I'm using Monocom Soft's advanced tools to fetch emails from multiple sources. The tools are packed with advanced features to make the job easier and faster. The tools are equipped with advanced data filter features to refine unwanted data or remove duplicate data. You can find all of MonocomSoft's tools at
we have recently launched our email marketing platform "NinjaEmail" It is basically an open source platform, making it one of the most stable and affordable platform. Link: